About festival

Prague Proms - proudly inspired by and bearing the name of the London BBC Proms - is bringing the series of best quality concerts in its eighth annual already. The program pursues to draw in both the loyal audiences and the tourists, offering them attractive performances which fit the summer season mood. The classical and fusion prevails. Jazz, musical, or film - simply the music which works with the "symphony" label, and still it is somehow closer to the wider audience.

The Hollywood Nights are every year presenting how important role the music plays in the film. Top instrumentalists and vocalists are promising a great enjoyment.
Prague Proms is closely linked with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, the ensemble which has built a worldwide reputation for outstanding quality, and for being able to perfrom a wide ranging repertoire.

Skim through the brochure of the 19th concert season online!

Or you can download it in pdf.